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Kent Sheds is part of the Step by Step (SBS) programme. SBS is a project taking place in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands that aims to encourage the setting up of local Sheds. A Shed is an open, friendly place where men meet, chat and undertake activities such as DIY projects or gardening. As part of the SBS project, Sheds ought to provide solidarity and empowerment for men, and have subsequent effects on their health and employment prospects. A key element of the Sheds concept is autonomy, and SBS aims for Sheds to originate and grow organically through the initiative of men who want to make a difference in their community.

We know that men’s social and support networks often revolve around work and when this changes or they retire, they often lose touch and can become lonely and isolated, which can lead to a wide range of health issues.

Kent Sheds grew from this desire to provide a place where Men could come together, make social connections, build friendships, share skills and knowledge whilst  hopefully having fun.

Kent Sheds vary across the county and provide a wide range of activities, often including woodworking, metalworking, repairing, restoring and gardening. Men’s Sheds typically attract older men, but many have women and younger members too. The one thing that all sheds share is their concept of providing a safe place for likeminded people to come together for a sense of belonging.

“ It's somewhere to go and socialise. It gives a focus to my week. Also gets me away from the misses”
“It means a fun place full of Comradeship and Friendships”
“ I love attending as the place is full of laughs, conversations, and fun. We can have a day full of male banter without worrying”


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